Women's Committee Duties



The BC/YT region has a Women’s Coordinator for every District.


The coordinators roles are to represent the women in each of their districts, identifying issues and needs that are inherent to the members. They are to be conduit to the district directors and the Regional Executive Council to bring forth issues that need to be addressed. This committee, through the coordinators also has made a commitment to the community and social issues in BC/YT.


  • Elect a Chair who will sit on the Regional Executive Council (REC)

  • Assist in recruiting an elected women’s representative in each of the locals they represent

  • Communication with the local women’s rep on the responsibilities they have for their local (events, posting material, reports)

  • Organize Women’s events for their district-there is 2 main events per year-International Women’s Day and National Day of Remembrance on Violence against women. Organization includes:

    • Communication with the chairperson on events and budget available

    • Assisting in organizing local events

    • Budgeting for each local, advancing funds, outlining parameters of expenditures, reconciling regional funds after event is complete, providing a role up of the expenditures and receipts as documentation to the chair

  • Liaise with District Directors and local presidents on issues that have been identified to them

  • Participate in regional and district organized training

  • Knowledge of CEIU structure and PSAC Women’s reps

  • Participate, where possible, in PSAC Women’s Committee Meetings

  • Participate in pre-UMCC meetings

  • Provide a written report to the chairperson prior to the annual presidents conference

  • Ensure all communication, posters, information, web site updates are sent to the women’s reps and the presidents

  • Ensure women’s rep contact information in accurate and send update to the Regional Union office

  • Participate in Women’s conferences and meetings organized

    • Participate in agendas, identify member issues, follow through on action plans, outlined timeframes and commitments

    • Participate in BC/YT community social campaigns