Here for Canada

PSAC has launched their Here for Canada national TV ad campaign to highlight the dedication of public service workers throughout the Phoenix pay system disaster.


Here for Canada, no matter what.

How long could you work without pay?

(with Vanessa Miller, CEIU NVP BC/YT)

Get help with your pay issues (T4s, incorrect pay, emergency pay, no pay, underpaid, missing entitlements, etc.)

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Getting help

If you need additional assistance with your pay issue, you should contact your local shop steward or a local union officer where you work. They can provide a first line of support. If they need help with technical issues or special cases, they will work with National Union Representatives. 

If help is not available where you work, contact us at [email protected]. Please ensure that you provide the location office where you work, as well as a home e-mail address and/or telephone.