Funding Applications

Please note applications are sent to the respective regional committee, and in consultation with the Chair of the Finance Committee, a referral is made to the National Vice-President (NVP) for BC/YT.

Applicants will be informed of the decision to grant funding requests by the NVP at the earliest possible convenience.

In order to provide sufficient time to approve and notify the applicant the Committee is requesting that funding requests be submitted a minimum of 28 days prior to the event in question.

Applications that are submitted late, may be considered on a case by case situation. 

If approved, in order to receive reimbursement you will be expected to complete a CEIU Claim Form

Conferences, Conventions & Training (CCT)

Funding requests will be sent to the CCT Regional Committee for consideration, in consultation with the Chair of the Finance committee.

The National Vice-President (NVP) for BC/YT will advise applicants of the final decision in due course.

Funding requests will be granted up to $3,000 per the CEIU BC/YT Financial Guidelines. 

When completing your application form please provide as much information as possible about the event you wish to attend.

If there are multiple course options etc please provide an overview of the courses you wish to take so that the Committee understands the linkages to the union/activism that you intend to continue post event. 


CCT Form

CEIU BC/YT New Activist Bursary

New Activist is defined as follows:

1.     A member in good standing of BC/YT

2.     Does/has not actively participated in Union meetings, conferences, committees, and events.

3.     May have had some training

4.     May hold an elected position on a local executive

5.     May hold an elected position on the Regional Executive Council (not more than one term)

At the 2017 CEIU BC/YT Presidents Conference we approved a resolution for a $3000 New Activist bursary to be awarded in the fall of each year for use in the following calendar year.

A new activist is not necessarily a young worker, it could be any activist that is newly engaged or re-engaged in the union. Generally, they do not sit on many committees or councils and may not be able to secure funding to attend events.

The money provided by the bursary can be used for any Convention, Conference or Training and will be paid out after those events unless an advance is specifically asked for.

Members applying for the bursary must provide a minimum 1-2 page submission. 

The next bursary application will be posted in the Fall 2020.

CCT Form

CEIU Claim Form