Education and Training


Local Administration (1½ days)

Participants will learn about the structure of the Union with a focus on that crucial union presence in the workplace: the Local. By examining the administrative tasks and the various roles of elected officers, participants will gain a greater understanding as to how to build an effective local that serves the needs of its membership.

Facing Management (1½ days)

Participants will learn how to clearly identify the issues that affect the members of their Local, formulate demands that are aimed at solutions and engage in effective meetings with management.

Grievance handling (1½ days)

Participants will learn the legal framework that impacts on grievances and the administrative aspects that are crucial to managing such cases as a shop steward or local officer. As well, participants will learn how to build a grievance case and present it as the member’s union representative.


Health and Safety (1½ days)

Participants will learn about the Canada Labour Code Part 2 as well as the obligations and responsibilities it brings to the workplace for the employer, our members and union representatives. This is a overview course and is not intended to replace formal training required for Occupational Safety & Health committee representatives.

Human Rights (1½ days)

Participants will learn about the recourse options through the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the grievance process, the grounds to make such complaints and the legal context of these processes.

Disability Insurance (1 day)

Participants will learn how the DI application process works and what they and the rest of the union can do to help members face the challenges of this often complex undertaking.


Discipline /Administrative Investigations

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Duty to Accommodate

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Staffing Complaints

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